Terms of Use

This website directional-coupler.com and its subpages (in the following for simplicity called “this website”) belong to Ingenieurbüro Hutter Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH, Sudetenstr. 22, 64739 Höchst i. Odw., Germany (in the following called “IHH” or “we”). On this website we offer information about our products, including directional couplers, detectors and filters, as well as technical tutorials and knowledge articles about high frequency components. The following terms of use govern the legal terms between IHH and the users of this website.

§1 Scope and usage

  1. By using this website, the user accepts these terms of use.
  2. Only those users are authorized to use this websites that are of age and legally allowed to act on their behalfs, or that act in accordance with their authorized represantatives.
  3. At any time can we restrict or completely shut down this website or individual content, services or functions of the website. Especially, we do not guarantee the functioning of this website or its services or functions, nor compatility to the system of the user.
  4. If users violate these terms of use, we reserve the right to prosecute or civilly sue these users. If costs or damage for IHH originate in a violation of these terms of use by a user, we reserve the right to demand these costs, or the costs that correspond to the damage made, to the full extend from that user.
  5. Terms that deviate from these terms of use only apply, if they have been confirmed in writing by IHH, and have not been replaced by a newer version of these terms of use.

§2 Data protection

  1. The privacy and protection of your data is very important to us. Witin these terms of use, you accept the terms of our privacy policy. We do politely ask you to carefully read it, see the preceeding link.

§3 Content, functions and services

  1. The main feature of this website is the information about the high frequency components we sell, the numbers we have in stock, and tutorials about directional couplers and possibly other high frequency components like detectors or filters. We try to only put up correct information that can help our users. However, wrong or misleading information on the website can never be fully excluded. We are not liable for any damage or costs that originate due to any such wrong or misleading information.

§4 Copyright

  1. For any content as texts, photos, videos, etc as well as the layout of this website, IHH or the licensor or the given author has the copyright.
  2. You are allowed to do printouts of our pages for your private use and you can use links to our website or subpages in your mails, messages or your website. However, it is strictly forbidden to publish content or layout of our website on other websites (commercial or private) or on print media of any kind, without prior written permission by us. Additionaly, any remodelling of our contents for subsequent use is forbidden.
  3. If a user has the suspicion, that his or her copyrights are infringed by improper use on this website, this user has to immediately indicate this situation to us. After receiving an inquiry of this kind, we will immediately check named suspicion, and on cofirmation of named suspicion we will immediately remove the corresponding content from this website. The user commits to refrain from any legal steps agains us, unless we comply with named inquiry within four weaks after receiving it.

§5 Sharing of content – responsibility of the user and copyright

  1. When a user shares content, e.g. by using a contact formular, the user assures to have all needed copyrights to share that content on this website and to stay in accordance with these terms of use while doing so.
  2. The responsibility for any content shared by a user lies at this user.
  3. When a user shares content, the copyright remains at this user, but by sharing the content, the user transfers a free-of-cost, underlicensable, transferable, non-exclusive, worldwide, and timewise unlimited license to IHH to use the content shared by the user.
  4. If damage or costs arise due to content shared by a user, e.g. due to legal steps taken against IHH, the user that shared respective content agrees to replace theses costs or the costs corresponding to the damage that arose.

§6 Security

  1. The security of this website and the entered user data is dear to our heart. We protect them by using standardized security mechanisms, but can nevertheless not guarantee one hundred percent security. To warrant highest possible security, the following conditions belong to the responsibilities of users as well.
  2. The user is not allowed to access our websites with automated means or computer algorithms like robots and spiders without prior written content by us.
  3. The user agrees not without our permission to log into the administrator region or the database of this website, nor to upload malicious code like viruses or trojans to this website.
  4. The user agress not to perform any actions like denial-of-service attacks, which influence the functioning of this website or its functions.
  5. The user agrees not to support or encourage any violation against these terms of use.

§7 Exclusion of liability

  1. We seek to publish as complete and correct content as possible on this website. A real completeness can however never be reached in the complex topic of high frequency components and especially directional couplers. We can neither guarantee that all information is timely and correct. Within these terms of use, the user accepts the following exclusion of liability:
  2. We do not guarantee the completeness, correctness or timelyness of the information available on this website. Especially, any claims of replacements for costs or damage to a user, that happen to a user for any reason related to this website, are excluded, unless otherwise stated in these terms of use. This exclusion especially governs the case that damage or costs arise due to wrong or misleading information on this website.
  3. Our website contains links to external websites, services or databases (in the following summarized as “external services”), for which we do not have influence on their content. For by us generated links to external services, we have checked these respective external services for statutory violation and could not detect any such violation. A permanent control of external services, to which we link from this website, is not economically reasonable, unless a concrete suspicion of violation lies on hand. For this reason, we do not warrant for external services to which we link, but the provider of each respective external service is liable for the content of that external service. If we receive indication of a statutory violation of an external service to which we link, we will check this external service again and in case of statutory violation remove the link immediately.

§8 Validity and change

  1. New content, functions, analysis functions, advertisements, legal constraints or mistakes in our terms of use can make it necessary to revise or complement these terms of use. Additionally, a purely linguistic revision of these terms of use could appear reasonable. Therefore, we reserve the right to revise or complement these terms of use at any time. These terms of use are valid from the time they are published on this website, until they are replaced by a new version that is published on this website.
  2. Since we in general do not have contact data of our users, we cannot and will not send any message to the users when a new version of these terms of use comes into effect.
  3. The date (according to German time) of the latest revision of these terms of use can be found at the end of these terms of use.
  4. Should individual paragraphs, subparagraphs or formulations of these terms of use contradict applicable law, then all other paragraphs, subparagraphs or formulations of these terms of use still remain valid.

§9 Place of jurisdiction

  1. The place of jurisdiction is at the head office of IHH.

Last change: December 9th, 2015